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Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Steel Plate Supplier

Advance Steel Company is a hot rolled steel plate supplier that supplies a full line of hot rolled steel plate in a variety of sizes, grades and finishes. Hot rolled steel plate is an economical option that offers reliable performance and versatility.

What is Hot Rolled Steel Plate?

In the hot rolled process, high temperature is used to heat the steel above its recrystallization point. In this state it becomes more malleable, allowing it to be easily formed into a variety of shapes.

As a basic carbon steel, hot rolled steel plate is typically used for applications in which dimensional tolerances and surface finish quality are not major factors.


Industries and Applications:

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hot rolled steel plate supplier

Hot Rolled Steel Plate Specifications

Advance Steel offers hot rolled steel plate in a range of sizes, ranging from 0.55 to 1.00 inches. They vary from 0.012 to 1-inch in thickness and 2 to 96 inches in width. These sheets are available in different grades, including low-carbon steels, drawing steels, high-strength alloy steel in grades 45-80, and structural-grade steels from 33 to 36.

  • Advance Steel carries over 30,000 tons of inventory from .009 Hot Dip to 1″ thick Hot Rolled Plate.
  • High strength low alloy grade 45-80
  • Low carbon steels
  • Drawing Steels
  • Structural grade steels grade 33-36
  • Material Thickness: .012” - 1”
  • Material Width: 2” to 96”
  • ISO:9001 Certification
  • Value Added Services

    At Advance Steel, we go beyond just delivering you with high-quality hot rolled steel plates. We offer a variety of services that can be used to adapt our hot rolled steel plate to meet individual specifications. These processes can be used to improve appearance, prevent corrosion and increase durability.

    Our service capabilities include:

    • Loop-slitting: cutting wide coils into narrower strips while maintaining a continuous loop
    • Cut-to-length: precisely cutting steel coils or sheets into ready-to-use lengths
    • Pickling: placing steel sheets in an acid solution to create a cleaner and corrosion-resistant surface
    • Temper passing: subjecting hot rolled steel to a light cold rolling process to flatten and enhance the surface
    • Stretch leveling: stretching the steel plate to remove shape defects
    • Coating: applying a protective layer of corrosion-resistant material to the outside of the steel
    • Painting: Adding a layer of paint to the steel surface to protect against corrosion and to improve its appearance


  • Capabilities

    Advance Steel carries over 30,000 tons of inventory from .009 Hot Dip to 1″ thick HR plate, specialty grades and HSLA products in prime, excess and secondary. In addition to a vast inventory, we also handle supply chain for any material that needs to be sourced so that you only have to deal with one distributor for all of your needs.

    • HSLA grades: 45-80
    • Low carbon steels
    • Drawing Steels
    • Structural grades: 33-36
    • Material Thickness: .012” - 1”
    • Material Width: 2” to 96”

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At Advance Steel Company, we aim to provide the highest quality steel products customized to your needs. Our steel expertise and hands-on experience has made us an industry leader in steel distribution. Contact us for more information.  


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