Steel Pickling Services

Remove impurities, rust and scale from the surface of a material with our hot rolled steel and metal pickling services. Pickling is typically used on hot rolled steel before it is cold rolled. This service helps to restore ideal corrosion resistant properties. It also makes the material smoother and easier to draw. To remove the scale the materiel is dipped into a pickle liquor.  Advance Steel offers both hydrochloric and sulfuric pickling options.

Our extensive experience in the steel distribution industry has given us the hands-on experience necessary to understand how to refine our hot rolled steel pickling services to meet a wide array of customer needs.

With facilities in Illinois, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Advance Steel is well situated to supply a variety of gauges and grades that exceed industry standards to companies all across the U.S. quickly. Please contact us to find out more.

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hot rolled steel pickling


  • Advantages
    • Reduced heating costs
    • Extensive scale removal
    • Less penetration of hydrogen by diffusion
    • Less deposition of iron salts on the pickled surface



    • Fumes when heated above ambient temperatures
    • Acid recovery systems are expensive
    • More corrosive toward equipment


  • Advantages
    • Acid can be renewed more frequently
    • Raising temperature will allow lower acid concentrations to pickle
    • Ease of recovering iron sulfur 
    • Rate of pickling can be controlled by carying temperature



    • Greater acid attack on base metal 
    • Greater hydrogen diffusion into the steal 
    • Pickling residues are more adherent 
    • Acid solutions must be heated 


Technical Information

  • Capabilities:
    • High strength low alloy grade 45-80
    • Low carbon steels
    • Drawing Steels
    • Structural grade steels grade 33-36
    • Material Thickness: .012 - 1”
    • Material Width: 2” to 96”
  • Steels:
    • Hot Rolled
    • Cold Rolled
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized
    • Hot Dipped Galvannealed
    • Galvalume
    • Galfan

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At Advance Steel Company, we aim to provide the highest quality steel products customized to your needs. Our steel expertise and hands-on experience has made us an industry leader in steel distribution. Contact us for more information.  


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