Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

In the hot rolled process, steel products are processed at high temperatures to heat the steel above its recrystallization point (over 1,700˚F). In this state it becomes more malleable, allowing it to be easily formed into a variety of shapes. Hot rolled steel sheets are an economical option that offers reliable performance and versatility.

Hot Rolled Steel Characteristics

Hot rolled steel sheets typically require less processing and is cheaper than cold rolled steel. HR steel sheets can be described as having:

  • Slight distortions
  • Increased malleability
  • A scaled surface (slightly oxidized)
  • Slightly round edges (less precise finishing)

Hot Rolled Steel Applications

As a basic carbon steel, hot rolled steel is typically used for applications in which dimensional tolerances and surface finish quality are not major factors, such as:

Hot Rolled Steel Supplier

Advance Steel offers a variety of hot rolled grades, contact us for help in selecting the right option for you!


ASTM A1011 Hot Rolled Steel

ASTM A1011 is a high strength commercial quality alloy material with improved formability. "A" stands for the ferrous metal followed by the four-digit classification number according to the SAE grading system. ASTM1011 is great for welding and typically requires less processing than cold rolled steel, unless pickling is required. 

ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Steel

A36 is a low carbon steel most widely used for hot-rolled steel products. It is commonly used in structural applications and exhibits good strength and formability as well as being one of the lease expensive carbon steels.

Advance Steel Specifications

Sizes: 0.55-1.00"
High Strength Low Alloy Grade: 45-80
Structural Grade Steels Grade: 33-36
Material Thickness: .012"-1"
Material Width: 2"-96"


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hot rolled steel sheet

Steel Processing Services

As a full-service steel and hot rolled steel sheet distributor, we also offer a variety of value-added services to adapt our steel to meet your specifications. Those services include loop-slitting, cut-to-length, pickling, temper passing and stretch leveling, coating, painting and other processes.



  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Appliance
  • HVAC
  • Military & Defense
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing


  • Railroad Tracks
  • I-Beams
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive Frames
  • Art Sculptures
  • Tubular Products
Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Supplier

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